What is Live Cockfighting C1? WINPH Shares How to Play to Win Easily

Live cockfighting C1 continuously attracts many players to participate in betting every day. This type of entertainment is extremely attractive with high winning rates, legal and safe. If you have a passion for cockfighting and want to find huge profits, find out the exact betting according to WINPH  ‘s sharing below.

What is C1 live cockfighting?

C1 cockfighting is named similarly to football tournaments such as C1 and C2 cups. The purpose of naming it like that is to distinguish the scale and class of these cockfighting tournaments. C1 live cockfighting is the fighting cocks that possess great physical strength and good ability. They come from famous chicken lines with aggressiveness, bravery and beautiful kicks.

C1 cockfighting is not only used to indicate the strength of the fighting cocks but also to indicate the veteran cockfighters. Only professional and experienced cockfighters can own strong C1 cocks in big arenas. The cockfights are broadcast at famous arenas such as: Thomo, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, …

Live cockfighting C1 is one of the extremely attractive types of betting.
Live cockfighting C1 is one of the extremely attractive types of betting.

What is the reason to play live cockfighting C1?

The C1 cockfighting format is increasingly widespread and is chosen by many bettors. To know why you should not ignore this type of betting, please refer to the following information:

Live cockfighting C1 is the top class tournament in Asia

Cockfighting C1 is a high-class and large-scale tournament, so players do not need to worry about cheating. It attracts millions of bettors to participate and you can choose the odds according to your needs. In particular, bettors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many professional cockfighters with rich chicken raising skills.

C1 cockfights are the participation of fighting cocks with high performance. They bring to fans the most intense and dramatic confrontations. Therefore, when watching C1 cockfights live, you will experience many different emotions.

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High security

C1 live cockfighting has long been famous for its professional and safe operation. Surely all activities of the online cockfighting playground will be absolutely confidential and legal. Because, the unit organizing the cockfighting matches has been licensed to do business and always complies with the provisions of the law.

Live cockfighting C1 is very famous for its professionalism and safety.
Live cockfighting C1 is very famous for its professionalism and safety.

Strict rules

All the rules and regulations at live cockfighting C1 are set up very strictly and tightly. Surely players will not encounter fraud or cheating, so you can be completely assured. Every angle on the arena is closely monitored. The security system is tightly protected so no one can infiltrate and commit illegal acts.

Instructions on how to bet on live cockfighting C1 at WINPH

WINPH is the most attractive C1 live cockfighting playground today with many great rewards. To have the best experience, please join by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the WINPH cockfighting page via the official link. Next, click on the “register” box and you will see the form appear.
  • Step 2: Complete the information as required by the system including: Account name, password, phone number, real name,…
  • Step 3: Bettors verify that they are 18 years old or older by checking the corresponding box and clicking “Register Now”. Then log in to your account and make a deposit.
  • Step 4: Players choose the cockfighting lobby => click on the live cockfighting tournament C1 => Click on the match and confirm the bet according to the appropriate odds. Finally, watch the tense cockfighting match and wait for the result.
How to play live cockfighting C1 WINPH is very simple
How to play live cockfighting C1 WINPH is very simple

How to play live cockfighting C1 to easily win big 

According to many long-time players, C1 cockfighting betting is very simple. But to always win, bettors should not ignore the following tips:

Understand information about C1 cockfighting

One of the important factors that determine your victory or defeat when playing live cockfighting C1 is to clearly understand the information of the fighting cock. Collect data about fighting cocks and their fighting history to evaluate their ability, performance, endurance, etc. Accordingly, players will grasp the fighting style of fighting cocks and make the most accurate decision.

Besides, you should observe the body shape, body parts such as long neck, wide wingspan, flexibility, bright eyes, etc. These characteristics will help you choose the most standard fighting chicken.

Master the betting options for cockfighting C1

Before placing bets on live C1 cockfighting matches , you need to master the doors to easily make the right choice. Currently, at the bookmaker, there are popular betting doors including:

  • Meron: This is the betting door for the bookmaker’s fighting cocks, the usual payout ratio is 1:0.95.
  • Wala: The door for bettors who believe their chicken will win.
  • BDD: Tie has the highest payout ratio but the probability of winning is quite low.

Seize the betting opportunity

If you have a clear understanding of the rules of playing live cockfighting C1 at the bookie, it is important to know how to seize the opportunity. Because you cannot always make a wise decision, so stay calm to make the right bet. If the bettor is too hasty, it can lead to a large loss of capital.

Players should wait for the time before the cockfight takes place, at this time the fighting cocks have entered the field to warm up. Only then should you place a bet and observe their fighting style. Thus, bettors will be able to assess which fighting cock has a higher chance of winning.

Seize the right opportunity when playing live cockfighting C1
Seize the right opportunity when playing live cockfighting C1

Track the volatility

Before the cockfight takes place, the bookmaker will provide betting odds for bettors to choose. Players can refer to and decide which cockfight is the strongest according to the prediction. However, to avoid mistakes, you should follow the odds fluctuations to change the betting door so that it is reasonable and most accurate.

If you have chosen a fighting cock but suddenly its rate decreases, then be confident with the high probability of winning. On the contrary, if the eating rate of the fighting cock you trust increases, you should consider changing to avoid losing.

Keep up the spirit

When playing live cockfighting C1, you will be able to watch the most fierce matches, which are cockfighting matches with iron spurs and knife spurs. This is considered a bloody battle where the fighting cocks will compete with the spirit of survival. The results of the confrontation can be announced very quickly after only 2-5 minutes. Therefore, bettors need to keep their spirits up to observe and make the most reasonable calculations.


Through the above article, WINPH has brought information about extremely dramatic and attractive C1 live cockfighting . The rules of this form of play are extremely simple, but you need to master the knowledge, stay calm and put money in at a reasonable rate. At the same time, apply the shared experiences to increase the ability to earn big profits.

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