WINPH user agreement

WINPH user agreement is a document that any online casino needs to have. It is the basis for resolving disputes between casinos and players.

WINPH user agreement:

 First: Account regulations

1. When a player registers to use WINPH, it means that the player has actually read, understood and agreed to the terms, conditions and game rules set forth by WINPH and agrees to bear equivalent legal responsibilities.

2. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions at WINPH, you can stop using the service immediately.

3. When participating in entertainment with WINPH’s services, it means that users have understood and accepted one thing: WINPH provides reasonable, fair and honest games. Therefore, it is normal for players to win or face risks and players must accept those risks.

4. Players must commit that all information provided and used by players at the time of account registration such as: Player name, email address, phone number, address… is accurate and complete. At the same time, account registration information must match the information on the citizen identification card, bank account. Because if the information is inconsistent, players will lose the right to request certain services from WINPH.

5. If WINPH discovers that a player’s account has been logged in or violated any of WINPH’s terms, we have the right to refuse to serve the player, lock the account, and not refund without prior notice.

6. To avoid disputes: When participating in WINPH games, players should pay attention to monitor the entire game process or before ending the game, check the game account information, if any abnormalities are detected, immediately contact the customer service team to verify the entire access and transaction history in WINPH’s data system.

7. If a player opens or attempts to open multiple accounts, for whatever reason, WINPH may block or close any or all of your accounts at its sole discretion. Or WINPH decides to leave an account open, it may be the first account you have opened with WINPH, so the remaining deposits, if any, will be transferred. WINPH will deduct an administrative fee of 10% (minimum USD 30) for each account you have opened as well as any other deductions that may apply as set out in our Terms and Conditions.

8. If the deposit amount is displayed incorrectly, the user is obliged to notify the customer service system to adjust it, and absolutely must not use the related error amount. Because in any case, the related error amount is considered an invalid amount, so if the player uses this amount to place bets, all bets will be canceled and the amount will be returned to the website.

9. For customers participating in promotions for new members or other promotions and placing invalid bets. If WINPH discovers, it has the right to temporarily lock or close the account and the relevant department will provide a specific solution.

10. If the results from the user’s machine are inconsistent with the results of the WINPH server, the results displayed by the server will be the final decision. Finally, the player has agreed to participate in the game, which means agreeing to the rules and services of WINPH that have been disseminated.

11. Players are not allowed to log into the game (VPN, remote server…) with virtual IP addresses.

12. If the player violates these Terms and Services, WINPH has the right to suspend or stop providing the service until the player agrees to the prescribed rules.

13. Players must agree that part or all of the content of this Agreement is temporary and WINPH has the right to change, edit, add or remove at any time to suit the operating and customer care policies. This information is for reference only. The latest rules and terms of use can be accessed by players through the website under the link: User Agreement.

14. In any case, the final decision belongs to WINPH.

 Second: Regulations on deposits

Regulations on deposits
Regulations on deposits

1. If the player deposits money through online banks for a long time and we do not receive it. Please call the 24/7 online customer service immediately. For example: If the depositor’s name and account name are not consistent, our staff will guide you to make a request to submit to the online banking service provider.

2. Members who deposit money through a third party, please contact Customer Service to notify the amount and time of deposit so that we can confirm as soon as possible.

If you use online or offline bank deposits, WINPH will check the official operation of that website and confirm the deposit account. If the deposit is used at that time without confirmation sent back, WINPH will not be responsible for such losses.

3. The minimum deposit is 10,000 ₱. If players want to know more information to deposit, please contact Customer Service for support.

4. In any case, the final decision belongs to WINPH.

 3rd: Withdrawal regulations

1. If the customer withdraws money more than 3 times within 24 hours (including the 3rd withdrawal),.

2. The highest total amount of money won each day by the customer, i.e. the total amount won from all betting methods will be calculated according to the VIP level.

3. Each withdrawal is at least 50 points (50 thousand ₱), the maximum withdrawal limit in 1 time is 1 billion. The daily withdrawal limit depends on the member’s VIP level.

4. VIP customers will have higher withdrawal limits.

5. If necessary, customers must fill in full personal information such as photo ID card, driver’s license, bank transaction statements, household registration…

6. WINPH promises customers will withdraw money within 5 minutes (Except in cases where the banking network is under maintenance or disconnected)

7. In all cases, WINPH has the final decision.

 Fourth: Promotional regulations

1. To be eligible for any bonuses or promotions, players must comply with all additional terms and conditions that accompany the promotion.

2. All offers are calculated in points, 1 point = 1,000 ₱ (1 thousand ₱) and time zone (GMT+8 ).

3. Each player, each family, each address, each email, each phone with the same payment method, payment account (same debit card/credit card/bank account) and the same IP address can only receive the promotion when the player submits a request for account number verification. At this time, WINPH will have the right to cancel, revoke the discounts or lock the related accounts.

4. If WINPH discovers any group or individual customer using dishonest bonuses or any behavior of taking advantage of the company’s programs for personal gain, we reserve the right to cancel or revoke the right to receive incentives and reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block the relevant account without notice, without refund. The player will be permanently blacklisted.

5. To ensure the interests of both parties and to eliminate identity fraud, WINPH has the right to request members to provide us with accurate and complete information to ensure the security of user accounts.

6. WINPH reserves the right to decide to modify or terminate activities and programs without notice.

7. WINPH has the right to adjust membership levels based on membership status. Note: If in case the company staff has not updated the bonus deduction rules and resolved your withdrawal request. Please make sure your request and please contact us within 24 hours for a response.

 Retention of Your Personal Data

The Company will only retain Your Personal Data for as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We will retain and use Your Personal Data to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations (for example, if we are required to retain your data to comply with applicable laws), resolve disputes, and enforce our legal agreements and policies.

The Company will also retain Usage Data for internal analysis purposes. Usage Data is generally retained for shorter periods of time, unless this data is used to strengthen the security or improve the functionality of our Services, or we are legally obligated to retain this data for longer periods of time.

 Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your information, including Personal Data, is processed at the Company’s operational offices and wherever the parties involved in the processing are located. This means that this information may be transferred to — and maintained on — computers located outside of states, provinces, countries or other governmental jurisdictions where the data protection laws may differ than those from your jurisdiction.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy, followed by your submission of such information, represents your agreement to that transfer.

The Company will take all measures reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and no transfer of your Personal Data will take place to an organization or a country unless there are adequate controls in place including the security of your data and other personal information.

 Delete Your Personal Data

You have the right to delete or request our assistance in deleting Personal Data that we have collected about you.
Our Services may provide you with the ability to delete certain information about you from within the Services.
You may update, correct, or delete your information at any time by logging into your Account (if applicable) and accessing the account settings that allow you to manage your personal information. You may also contact us to request access to, modify, or delete any personal information that you have provided to us.
Please note, however, that we may need to retain certain information.