How to Play Dragon Tiger to Win Big and Get Big Rewards at WINPH

Playing Dragon Tiger is not difficult, on the contrary, it brings extremely shocking money-making opportunities to participants. Currently, you can directly search and participate right at the WINPH page. For those who are just starting out, these are the rules that everyone needs to know and apply while playing.

A few words about the recently hot Dragon Tiger game

Dragon Tiger is a game based on the traditional card game from Cambodia. The English name of this masterpiece is Dragon Tiger or Long Ho. The gameplay is considered quite simple, promising to bring great moments of entertainment.

Members only need to predict which bet will have a chance to win while comparing cards. Currently, everyone can try their hand at this new game on the WINPH website. With just a smartphone or computer, you can easily master the game.

Dragon Tiger game makes many members of WINPH excited
Dragon Tiger game makes many members of WINPH excited

Simple way to play Dragon Tiger for beginners

Although it is considered quite simple, it does not mean that you ignore the rules. Below are the basic game rules that Dragon Tiger bettors should not ignore:


First, gaming terminology is an extremely important element that everyone should learn. Specifically:

  • Dealer: A casino game term used to refer to the person who deals the cards.
  • Dragon: At the casino, it is usually marked in red, and is the door representing the Dragon.
  • Tiger: The green betting door represents the Tiger during play.
  • Tie: Term used to indicate a draw in the scoring process.

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Bet types and payout odds

Some types of bets that Dragon Tiger players cannot ignore include:

  • Dragon: The representative of the Dragon bet will win the game, with a 1x payout ratio.
  • Tiger: Bet on Tiger to win the game, payout ratio 1x.
  • Tie: Player predicts the scores of both doors to be equal, the reward rate is up to 8x.
Betting forms in the online Dragon Tiger game WINPH
Betting forms in the online Dragon Tiger game WINPH

How to join

To enjoy this casino masterpiece is not difficult, you just need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Members must first access the official website of WINPH . You should choose a reliable link so that the experience goes smoothly and without being scammed.
  • Step 2: At the house, after the player has logged in, he needs to deposit money if he does not have enough revenue.
  • Step 3: Continue to select the Casino category on the Menu bar to start. Here, search for the Dragon Tiger game to start participating in the experience.
  • Step 4: When entering the game, everyone needs to choose a table and bet level depending on their available financial resources.
  • Step 5: Place a bet on one of the doors that you think will have a chance to win.
  • Step 6: Check the results of the game to see if you win or not and receive rewards from the system.

Effective experiences to apply when playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the interesting games with simple rules. However, for those who want to increase their chances of winning, do not ignore the strategies below.

Choose the correct bet

The experience shared by many experts is that everyone should carefully research when choosing a bet. Avoid choosing a Tie bet because the probability of winning is only 12.5%.

Meanwhile, the chance of winning in the remaining two doors is quite high, up to 50%, so many people choose it. Those who do not have experience in studying the results can prioritize betting on Banker.

3-sided bet

A Dragon Tiger playing strategy that many people apply today is to bet on 3 sides. This method is quite simple, if in the previous round you bet on Dragon and win, then in the next round you switch to Tiger.

On the contrary, if the player bets on Dragon and loses, he should bet on that door until he wins. Many members have applied this method and brought high efficiency. Guaranteed, the chance of winning from this 3-sided betting method will surprise many people.

Winning Techniques with Dragon Tiger WINPH
Winning Techniques with Dragon Tiger WINPH

Betting on the edge – simple yet effective Dragon Tiger playing strategy

Betting on the close rule is also a method that is currently favored by many members. Players only need to observe the results of the previous 3 to 4 games to see what the trend is.

In case the previous games appear in one direction, the next game will likely change direction. When applying this method, players will see unexpected results.

Above is information about the Dragon Tiger game that many WINPH  members love and choose. The game not only impresses with its simple rules and high winning rate, but also has a beautiful interface. Quickly join Dragon Tiger bets at the house now to earn more valuable rewards.

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