Thank you for donating to Full Hearts Full Tummies!

We are delighted to tell everyone that we hit our target raising £3,000 in a single week for our Full Hearts Full Tummies appeal as part of The Big Give match funding Christmas Challenge.

This means that this amount will be doubled by pledges by our private generous donors, Sainsbury’s, Stratford Centre and The Childhood Trust. Thank you to all who have donated and shared the campaign during the very exciting week.

We're now close to reaching our overall target of £12,000 with £1,500 left to go. If you are able to, please do consider donating to the appeal. Your donation will allow us to give 600 £1 tickets to our magical show The Ramshackle House to local children and their families, along with a delicious hot meal when they visit. For many children this may be their only treat during the long winter season.

To further support the project email mia@stratford-circus.com