Stratford Arts Social: At Home - Small Objects, Small Drawings

Collect a variety of small objects from your home, your room, or even your pocket, and have a go at drawing them to scale in this fast and fun exercise.

You will need

• Pen/pencil – Biro, standard pencil, felt tip pen, or any drawing equipment you can find, can be multiple colours.
• Paper of any colour – copy paper, recycled, tissue paper, anything you find lying around.
• A selection of small objects – they can be anything you like: food items, jewellery, lego, a drawing pin, a paper clip, dice etc.

Activity length: 2 - 4 minutes per drawing

A great little exercise you can do on days when you need a mindfulness activity to take your mind off things. You can take as long or as little as you like by choosing the amount of objects you want to draw.