Stratford Arts Social: At Home - Small Objects, Big Drawings

A fun exercise that experiments with proportions by enlarging tiny objects in to giant drawings.

You will need

• Pen/pencil – Biro, standard pencil, felt tip pen, or any drawing equipment you can find, can be multiple colours.
• Large sheet of paper – this can be the back of old wall paper, packaging from a delivery, sheets of A4 stuck together, inside of an old cereal box.
• A selection of small objects – they can be anything you like: food items, jewellery, lego, a drawing pin, a paper clip, dice etc.

Activity length: Around 5 minutes per drawing is a good start, longer if you want.

This activity is about using free flowing lines, training your eye to look in a different way and your mind to alter the proportions, as well as using more gestural drawing techniques.