Stratford Arts Social: At Home - Shielded Drawing

Slow yourself down and look at an object in a new way with this exercise.

You will need:

• Pen/pencil – Biro, standard pencil, felt tip pen, or any drawing equipment you can find.
• Paper of any colour – copy paper, recycled, tissue paper, anything you find lying around.
• Piece of card – old packaging, used cereal box, thick paper, anything you can cut easily and push your drawing equipment through.

Activity length: Minimum 5 – 10 minutes (longer if you feel like it!)

For this drawing, you need to be looking at the object you are drawing the entire time without taking your eyes off it once! Your eyes will follow the contours of the chosen object you are drawing slowly taking in every bit of detail.

Control is the essence of this drawing exercise. Speed of looking is slowed right down to a meditative pace.