Stratford Arts Social: At Home - Continuous Line Drawing

Improve your drawing skills, hand-eye coordination and observation skills with this simple yet deceptively challenging exercise.

You will need:

  • Pen/pencil – Biro, standard pencil, felt tip pen, or any drawing equipment you can find.
  • Paper of any colour – copy paper, recycled, tissue paper, anything you find lying around.

Activity length: Minimum 5 – 10 minutes (longer if you feel like it!)

For this exercise, choose an object in your house, small or large to draw. The only rule is that once you have started you are NOT allowed to lift the pen/pencil off the paper.

This exercise helps your eyes and your hand coordinate and work together. It improves concentration, observational skills and drawing skills. You may find this difficult at first but don’t be too hard on yourself. Once you have started you will find this quite a meditative experience, it’s very calming and good for general well being.


These exercises are designed with adults in mind, but can also be enjoyed by older children with supervision.

We’d love to see what you have created. Tweet us your artwork or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #StratfordArtsSocial