Blog: Rufus Longbottom talks roast dinners and best friends

One minute he's just an ordinary man, minding his own business in a care home and the next he's off on a whirlwind adventure into the unknown with new found friends! Here's a few facts we discovered about the man of the moment Rufus Longbottom when we had a chat...

His favourite food is a roast dinner... with all the trimmings 'chicken, potatoes, greens' but he likes it all mashed up together 'so I can eat it'. Nice.

His home is the somewhat unusually named 'Tandaria' care home. We wonder if the staff and residents there would ever have dreamed that it would be the scene for an intergalactic landing one day?!

And he's got two chums in Tandaria...called Anne and Dan, but 'they're alright once you get to know them' apparently.

But he recently acquired a new best friend. 'It's going to sound rather strange' he says of his new found friendship 'But I've recently struck up a friendship with a rabbit from space'. Could that be the famous Space Rabbit perhaps?

Watch the full video below:

Rufus Longbottom and the Space Rabbit

24 - 26 May

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