Blog: Meet the cosmic Captain Amelia Hook

In preparation for lift off with Rufus Longbottom and the Space Rabbit, we got to know Captain Amelia Hook a little better...

Captain Amelia isn't one for landlubbin' - she's a born adventurer and lives aboard 'the greatest pirate ship there ever has been' called The Malawi (hope she's got her sea legs!).

She's been a captain for 'many a year' but declined to say exactly how many (a lady never tells after all..)

Her favourite place she's travelled to was an island full of creatures she could sell (small children watch out!) sounds to us like she loves to turn a profit wherever she goes - we can but wonder what kind of bounty she's picked up on her travels...

And to fuel all that plundering? Her favourite food is a stew made out out of a creature that's 'half fish, half chips and half candy floss' because it's 'salty and sweet', sounds, um....delicious?

Watch the full video:

Rufus Longbottom and the Space Rabbit

Join care home resident Rufus Longbottom as he helps Space Rabbit find her family and a place to call home, using song, music and a bit of magic.

Thu 24 - Sat 26 May
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Rufus Longbottom and the Space Rabbit

Thu 24 - Sat 36 May

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