Javaad Alipoor talks to Theatre Full Stop about his award-winning art & activism

Ahead of his Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit show coming to Stratford in April, theatremaker Javaad Alipoor chatted to Theatre Full Stop.

In the interview the award-winning playwright discusses his approach to exploring the world of politics, toxic masculinity and how identity shapes our lives on and offline (and vice versa). He reflects on the way the show has evolved since its Edinburgh run - "I suppose what has changed most is the urgency of the conversations we are having around it".

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The show tells the story of three young men, two muslims from the UK and a white boy from the US who get caught up in the far right and so called “Islamic Extremism”, as well as my story of trying to talk to young men like this on social media. It’s a mix of story telling, projection and a live whatsapp group, with a few twists along the way.

Javaad Alipoor - Theatre Full Stop