#Fthefairytales : The Green Princess Created by Lara Costello

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 Stratford Circus commissioned Young Artists to take part in #Fthefairytales with No Ordinary Experience (NOE).

This is the first in a series of incredible work by Young Artist that we will be sharing over the weekend, as we approach International Women's Day on Monday 8 March.

Lara Costello has created The Green Princess, a tribute to the spectacular young female activists spearheading the worldwide climate movement.

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Lara was inspired by the story of The Princess Who Wanted the Moon, a childhood favourite of hers. In the story, the Princess becomes sick and demands that the only thing that will make her better is the Moon, which she thinks is as big as her thumbnail and made of gold.

Princesses and young women are frequently portrayed both in stories and the media as being naïve and materialistic, so she decided to subvert the story, imagining that the princess had not been transfixed with the moon because of its material worth, but because of its natural splendour and value to the earth.

In turn, The Green Princess is not made from fine fabrics and jewels, but from natural materials: wood, moss, clay and leaves.

Stratford Circus is proud to be taking part and commissioning Young Artist for #Fthefairytales, with No Ordinary Experience (NOE)for International Women’s Day 2021.

We know fairy tales have not always been kind to women and Hollywood often gets it wrong. We asked artists and young creatives to #Fthefairytales, by exploring the oppression of women in some of our society's most popular stories.

#Fthefairytales is a national project run by No Ordinary Experience (NOE) where groups, individuals and artists have respond to the same creative process, in their own unique ways. The project started with exploring your own stories of oppression and then moves into digital flash-making to connect your story to a fairytale, mythical or popular culture character that you connect with. The artist have all created works and statement about a cause or campaign they care about and throw the idea of oppressed and oppressors on its head.

The Green Princess Created by Lara Costello @laracostello_For #InternationalWomensday2021 #FTheFairytales commissioned by Stratford Circus March 2021

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