#Fthefairytales : Alice inside the rabbit-hole short film by Artsy Alex’ a.k.a. Alex Bene Farine.

The final in a series of work by young artists commissioned by Stratford Circus as part of #Fthefairytales with No Ordinary Experience (NOE), to mark International Women's Day on Monday 8 March.

Artsy Alex has created a short film titled Alice inside the rabbit-hole in response to the creative process for #Fthefairytales.

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Alex has looked into the main character of 'Alice in Wonderland' taking as a starting point the concepts “the angel in the house” and “the fallen woman” describing the historical gender conditions of Victorian England.

What Alex's likes about this fairytale story is that Alice deviates from those gender norms by creating a complete new world that she explores facing many hostilities such as food that alters her size or unwelcoming creatures.

Instead, the reader gets this disobedient child who manages not only to survive this dangerous adventure but also to learn and become a woman with a new sense of her own subjectivity. A female subjectivity that refuses ideas of marriage and oppression and instead teaches us that “we can chase something interesting, barge in where we’re not invited, try new things, observe strange phenomena, ask too many questions, argue with authority figures, tell stories, and wander far from home without worrying how to get back”.

Going down the rabbit hole, Alex produced a short film experimenting with the bi-pole light and dark to depict Alice's escapist journey to come to the realisation that there is no need to search for the male hero pattern that fairytales usually provides us with.

Alex shares with us one of the reasons the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is so special, is that it represents alternative ways to be female alternative ways that have inspired and will continue to inspire many other women (and men) around the world to be a bit more “Alice” in our daily lives.

#Fthefairytales is a national project run by No Ordinary Experience (NOE) where groups, individuals and artists have respond to the same creative process, in their own unique ways. The project started with exploring your own stories of oppression and then moves into digital flash-making to connect your story to a fairytale, mythical or popular culture character that you connect with. The artist have all created works and statement about a cause or campaign they care about and throw the idea of oppressed and oppressors on its head.

Stratford Circus is proud to be taking part in #Fthefairytales, having these conversations and shining a light on the difficult truths, confront prejudice, embrace new ideas, and share stories. Together we can be a part of positive social change.

Alice inside the rabbit-hole - Short Film by Artsy Alex’ a.k.a. Alex Bene Farine. For #InternationalWomensday2021 #FTheFairytales commissioned by Stratford Circus March 2021

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