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​Calling schools: We want your unwanted clothes for Share What You Wear

Inspired by this season's show Getting Dressed by Second Hand Dance, we're inviting schools to join our Share What You Wear campaign as part of your visit to see the show.

From 17-21 April we want schools to ask their students to bring in an item of clothing they've grown out of as part of our Share What You Wear campaign.

We'll be passing donations on to four amazing local charities and organisations: The Renewal Programme, Maryland Children’s Centre and Oliver Thomas Children’s Centre Clothes Banks, and Aston Mansfield - who all work to help provide clothes as part of their services to people in Newham who wouldn't otherwise be able to access them.

It's a fantastic way for children to support their local communities and teach them about the importance of helping other people and not wasting things. The campaign also links with the themes of identity tackled in the show, and makes children think about the type of people they want to be.

FAQs about Share What You Wear

Why are you collecting clothes?
Inspired by the show Getting Dressed we’re collecting clothes to donate to local organisations in Newham who provide clothes to people who struggle to afford them, using the show to raise awareness and gather donations.

Where will the clothes go?
We’ve chosen four local organisations that we’ll pass the clothes on to: The Renewal Programme, Maryland Children’s Centre and Oliver Thomas Children’s Centre Clothes Banks and Aston Mansfield. If we have more clothes than they are able to use we’ll pass them on to Clothes Aid.

How can schools get involved with Share What You Wear?
We’re asking schools to encourage students to bring an item of clothing they no longer need e.g. that they’ve grown out of to donate to the collection. It’s a great way to get children involved in something that will support their community through their local arts centre and could be a great way to introduce issues including helping others, supporting people and being a part of a community into the classroom as part of the campaign and a trip to come and see the show.

How do we get the donations to you?
Stratford Circus Arts Centre will arrange for donations to be collected at a mutually convenient time. We’ve suggested that you collect donations between 17-24 April. The week before your visit to see the show Getting Dressed.

How do we book for Getting Dressed and sign up to Share What You Wear?
To book your tickets for Getting Dressed and sign up to our campaign send an email to We will then send you an information and participants pack explaining what we can collect and how to get your school community involved.

Why Getting Dressed is great for schools

Getting dressed by yourself is a huge milestone as a child; it shows independence, technical capability, maturity and the identity we choose to present to the wider world.

Made specially for 4–7 year olds Getting Dressed subtly challenges the conventions, peer pressures and popular culture influences children encounter when starting school.

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