Blog: Meet One Little Word creators M6 Theatre

We got chatting to One Little Word creators M6 Theatre about sharing wardrobes, origami boats, and their favourite words.

What can audiences (little and big alike) expect from One Little Word?

One Little Word is a play without language (well almost!) so it's accessibility is greatly increased. We have set the action in a context which relates to young children, but the central storyline about status and power struggles are elements we all wrestle with, whatever our age. The play takes its audience on a journey of friendship, involving a whole range of emotions, and is carefully woven to provide a unique experience where children can emotionally engage with the fun, challenges and resolution.

Although the play is aimed at 3-6 year olds, children of all ages have been captivated by it. We’ve also had many parents approach us after the performance to tell us how much they themselves have been touched by the production. As with all M6 Theatre’s work, it's multi-layered and can be viewed at different levels, enabling all generations to find meaning and make connections. For a child, it's a story about two friends on a pretend boat. On a more metaphorical level it could be a play about the conflicts and negotiations involved in any relationship: families, communities or even between nations.

One of the themes of the show is learning to share – is this something that comes easily to you or a skill you’ve had to learn?

Sharing is something that you have to carry on learning to do whether it be space, things or power – it’s a continuing life lesson. Some people are easier to share with than others. Gilly, our Artistic Director shares a wardrobe with her daughter, and sometimes it’s tough!

We're all excitedly making paper boats in the office ahead of the show – who is the fastest origami boat maker in the M6 team?

Luke is the best and fastest boat maker but he has been doing it for years! There are still people in the office who can’t do it at all.

Lift pitch time! Why should people come and see One Little Word?

We're one of Britain’s longest established and leading theatre companies creating dynamic, original theatre for children and young people, and this show is re-touring by popular demand. It delights audiences with an original, playful yet deeply moving story of the joys and struggles of friendship. It's also multi-layered, highly visual and an original production that enables children and their adults to enjoy a meaningful, sensitive and joyful shared experience.

What’s your favourite word – it doesn’t have to be little?

Caroline Sheard (Stage Manager): Smashing
Gilly Baskeyfield (Artistic Director and performer): Serendipity – it can turn a bad day into a good one.

One Little Word

"An accessible and engaging production capturing the multi-faceted and unsentimental reality of being little" - Children's Theatre Reviews

Sat 18 May, 11am & 2pm
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One Little Word

Sat 18 May, 11am & 2pm

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