Blog: Meet Ockham's Razor Co-Artistic Director Charlotte Mooney

Our favourites Ockham’s Razor return to east London with Tipping Point. Ahead of their show, we had a chat with Co-Artistic Director Charlotte Mooney.

Ockham’s Razor was formed back in 2004 – how did you all meet?

Alex [Harvey], Tina [Koch] and I met while studying at Circomedia in Bristol. It's a wonderful school, it used to describe itself as a theatre school for circus artists or a circus school for theatre makers. Now it also encompasses live art and dance and really tries to look at where circus can go and create training that encourages students to find new paths within circus.

How would you describe the work you do?

We come under the banner of contemporary circus which is a very wide term – and covers a whole range of work! What we do is take the movement and choreography of circus and look for the emotion and the relationships within it. Another big part of what we do is to create original equipment - so our shows often feature performers riding giant wooden wheels or climbing perspex towers – we use these structures to create striking images and worlds the performers inhabit.

In Tipping Point the show is set in the round with the audience drawn in close – there are 5 performers manipulating 5 metre metal poles which they balance upon, climb, swing from the roof like pendulums – there is a choreography of the poles and they can be at once beautiful and deadly!

You have toured work all over the world – are the reactions from international audiences different to those at home in the UK?

Good question. The short answer is yes although it's not always easy to place exactly what the difference is. The most tangible difference is usually sense of humour. Our shows often have a wry, humour through them and it's very interesting to note that different nations find different parts funny. In fact that can often change between the north of England and the south.

This is most notable in Belgium where they have a very ribald sense of humour – we have toured a lot in Belgium and used to joke that any section where someone potentially gets kicked in the nether regions we've put in for the Belgians. There is also often a difference depending on how much circus history there is in a country - how used audiences are to seeing this sort of thing. There is a large emotional range in our shows they can be light, reflective, thrilling, moving – it's interesting to see different audiences drawn to different parts.

You will be performing Tipping Point at Stratford Circus Arts Centre for the last time – what made you want to bring the show back one final time?

Currently all three of us live in London so after 2 years of touring, this is us bringing the show back home. It hasn't been in London for 18 months and the show has been evolving as it's toured. As well as people seeing it for the first time it's also interesting for people to come back and see what has changed.

Also my brother still hasn't blooming seen it so this is his last chance!

What can audiences expect from Tipping Point?

A thrilling, inventive and beautiful piece of contemporary circus which looks at the connection between people and the balance between control and chaos in life.

Tipping Point

Tiptoeing between catastrophe and mastery, five performers turn giant metal poles into a breath-taking physical landscape, balancing them on fingertips, hanging in the air, swinging, climbing and clinging.

Thu 23 - Sat 25 Nov
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Tipping Point

Thu 23 - Sat 25 Nov

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