Blog: Big Foot Glossary

Big Foot uses a host of words and phrases to pepper the language and dialect of the characters, some with brilliant comic and dramatic effect. We’ve put together a short glossary to help your understanding.

Two piece - Two pieces of chicken from the chicken and chips shop.

Beat and delete - One night stand.

Rug rats at messy play - Have sex in a fanatical way.

Roofie - A slang term for Rohypnol which is a powerful sedative drug of the benzodiazepine class, used as a date rape drug.

Blood - Slang term for mate.

Saltfish - Cod which is preserved in salt, used a lot in West Indian cooking.

Peng - Better than beautiful. If used in a sentence you’d say ‘She/He is peng.’ or ‘That juice was peng.’

‘Peng’ is always used in reference to how something looks and maybe how something tastes.

BossMan/Boss - A sign of respect to an elder, shopkeeper, or anyone that deserves the title.

Rah - An expression of disbelief.

Road Man - A person that’s quite street wise and knows how to handle themselves in difficult circumstances.

Ten Toes - Running away.

SNM - Say no more/ enough said.

Opp - Enemy/opposition. If used in a sentence 'That guy’s an opp fam!'

Fam - Family. Can also be used as a slang term for mate.

Big Foot

With Guyanese folk stories, grime, roti and raucous energy, Big Foot is a funny and impassioned portrayal of becoming a man and the responsibility that comes with it.

Wed 4 - Sat 7 Oct
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Big Foot

Wed 4 - Sat 7 Oct

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