Blog: A glossary of nautical terms for Landlubbers

Can't tell your caboose from your coxswain? Or your rigging monkey from your sea dog? No? Well we're here to help you with our glossary of words and phrases for those who are not seafarers - just in time for The Hartlepool Monkey.

Caboose – the hilarious name given to a kitchen on a ship’s deck

Coxswain - the person in charge of steering a ship's boat

Landlubber – a person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing (basically someone who desperately needs this glossary)

Neptune's Sheep – Slang for when waves break into foam.

Pod - A group of whales

Rigging Monkey – a crewmember of a ship whose responsibility is to climb the mast to work on the rigging of the ship.

Sea Dog Old and experienced seaman

Shanty – a song sung by sailors while working on a ship

Shiver My Timbers! – An expression of surprise or disbelief

Walk the Plank – blindfolding prisoners, tying their hands, and forcing them to walk a plank suspended from the side of the ship over the sea.

Yarr – Acknowledgement of an order, or agreement. As in:

Stratford Circus: Will you be watching The Hartlepool Monkey?
Pirate: Yarr

The Hartlepool Monkey

A French ship runs aground off the coast of England. Only a cabin girl and the ship’s mascot, a chimpanzee, survive. But when the townsfolk mistake the monkey for a spy, and condemn him to a life-or-death trial, can the local children save the day?

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The Hartlepool Monkey

Tue 19 - Sat 30 Sep

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