Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH

Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH as part of the promotion, all players can participate in the promotion we offer. This is a thank you gift from the online casino to the punters. This is not only to give back to the players, but also to attract more players. Let’s take a closer look at the promotions prepared by WINPH players.

Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH details :

Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH
Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH


WINPH VIP Casino 4 LIFETIME BENEFITS. In WINPH, after When you complete the corresponding total bet, you can upgrade to a level VIP.

Every time you upgrade your level, you can receive bonuses upgrade. You can receive weekly salary, monthly salary and birthday gift EVERY YEAR.

WINPH VIP rewards are valid FOR LIFE. After upgrading, it will never be downgraded.

Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH
Lifetime VIP4 at WINPH

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How to register

1 VIP upgrade reward will be sent to your account one hour after each upgrade

2 weekly VIP salaries will be transferred to the account before 6:00 p.m. every Sunday

3 monthly VIP salaries will be automatically deposited your account before 6:00 p.m. on the 15th of every month.

4 VIP birthday rewards like guest service app order, verify correct ID information and send to account your

Rules and regulations

1 WINPH Casino VIP Rewards Club for socks both registered members at WINPH Casino.

2 Request WINPH VIP rewards club upgrade will be calculated based on valid sales as of the Date first become a VIP member. VIP points will come at a price Lifetime value, no expiration.

3 When you become a VIP member of WINPH Casino. You will Get upgrade rewards, weekly pay, salary monthly and annual birthday bonus!

4 Revenue requirement will be (Cash + Bonus) x Revenue requirements. Revenue requirements must be met advances before allowing withdrawals. VIP level below VIP1 to VIP5 will require 1x revenue and from VIP6 up to VIP50 with no revenue required.

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