Stratford Circus Closure: Letter to Councillors

Dear Cllr [SURNAME]

My name is [FULL NAME] and I am writing to you today as a resident of Newham to request that you ask the Mayor to reconsider her decision to close Stratford Circus, and replace it with a Youth Zone.

I understand that the Mayor has made a manifesto commitment to double the number of Youth Zones in Newham. I agree with the Mayor that it is vital that we work together to increase youth provision across the borough to support our young people to achieve their full potential.

Every year, Stratford Circus works with 10,000 young people – equipping them with creative skills, firing their imaginations and building aspiration. Closing the charity means all this good work, along with £1.6m of funding, would be lost. The building is also used by Stratford Circus for vital engagement with many of the most vulnerable parts of the community - including older people, reducing isolation; young people with disabilities, offering them a space to create and perform; and schools and families, to give children their first taste of theatre. People of all generations in the borough would lose a much-loved, well-used resource.

The Mayor has announced £1.2m to fund work at four Youth Zones over the next few years. Her proposed flagship at Stratford Circus will have a strong focus on cultural activity. The budget set aside for this provision is much less than the £1.6m Stratford Circus annually invests in work in their location alone.

Stratford Circus has expertise, access to essential funds, and 10 years of experience working with young people and culture in Newham. They have indicated they are keen to find a solution to share the space with a new Youth Zone, and build on the great work that’s already taking place. I would be very grateful if you could raise this with the Mayor, and ask her to reopen discussions with Stratford Circus.

Yours sincerely,


Who can I send this to?

Please send this letter to your local councillor. You can find out who your local councillor is and how to contact them using this link:

What more can I do?

  • Sign and share the petition - tell the Mayor what Stratford Circus means to you and ask her to reopen discussion with us. You can do that here:
  • Share on social - use the hashtag #OurStratfordCircus and share your stories - be as creative as you like!