TOAST Poetry

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    May - July
  • Free Creative Writing Resource sent in the post :
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    For Over 55s

TOAST Poetry

Feeling lonely? A bit bored? Want to get creative? The TOAST & Tea pack is the thing for you!

We’ll send you a free resource pack with pencils, paper, two books of poems and a stack of prompts — everything you need to get you writing about anything you want. From favourite memories to dream cities, we’ve designed a reading and writing pack that will help you get creative and keep you company.

You can write poems, stories, plays, and we’ve even included an option to write letters to other participants on the project, introducing yourself and starting a conversation about poetry.

You’ll also be able to send us your favourite pieces to be included in an anthology.

The packs will include a letter explaining everything, so settle in, get comfy and pour yourself a cup of tea: from there on in, the writing is easy!

Just send your name and address toshingi@stratford-circus.comandwe’ll get a pack out to you within a week.

TOAST Poetry

is an artist-led organisation that supports writers in the UK. This project will be run by Lewis Buxton and Daisy Henwood, two writers with years of experience working with groups of all ages. We believe poetry has the power to bring people together; whether you write a poem every week, read the poems in the pack, or send a letter to us at the end, you will be part of an exciting exchange, with the chance to see your work published in an anthology bringing together the voices of East London

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