East London Dance

The Fi.ELD Festival: Portuguese Drums and Movement Workshop

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    60 mins

The Fi.ELD Festival: InnerEast invites you to explore the body & mind benefits of moving in different ways by experimenting with movement across different forms, spaces and interactive media

Portuguese Drums and Movement Workshop

By O7 Drum Project

East London Dance hands over programming duties to its future innovators for a weekend-long interactive celebration of dance.

Dare to be inspired and try something new! Join O7 Drum Project to learn how to play the drums, move freely, be part of a team and stick to the rhythm in a drum parade.

O7 Drum Project is a unique community based drum project, who specialise in creating and developing high quality drum shows.

Catch O7 Drum Project performing for free in the foyer at 3.15pm on both Friday and Saturday.

The Fi.ELD Festival is presented by East London Dance and supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England

The Fi.ELD Festival is an external promotion by East London Dance

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