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The Fi.ELD Festival: 360 Reaction Room

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    Friday - 3.5 hours, Saturday 3 hours
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East London Dance hands over programming duties to its future innovators for a weekend-long interactive celebration of dance.

The Fi.ELD Festival: InnerEast invites you to explore the body & mind benefits of moving in different ways by experimenting with movement across different forms, spaces and interactive media.

360 Reaction Room

By The Yonis and Julian Woods

Take part in an immersive drop-in experience with ‘movement girl band’ The Yonis and guitarist Julian Woods. 360 Reaction Room is a unique opportunity to engage with movement across a range of creative forms and the exhilarating cross-art heart of InnerEast.

Enter the Reaction Room to the sound of freshly-cut beats and dive into our freestyle areas, where dance and music artists wait to activate and respond to your movements.

You will also gain an insight into The Yoni’s creation process through ‘Open Band Practice’, an improvised collaborative session, with Julian Woods on guitar, aimed at finding joy in movement.

With no booking or tickets required, drop by the 360 Reaction Room and stay all day!

The Fi.ELD Festival is presented by East London Dance and supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England

The Fi.ELD Festival is an external promotion by East London Dance

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