Exhibition: Vagabond Matter

  • Dates:
    Friday 1 - Saturday 29 November 2019
  • Price:

Jackson M Phoenix Barnard's exhibition of artwork that has evolved whilst creating Vagabond Matter - a new performance from physical performance company Acrojou.

The exhibition features a selection of drawings by Jackson, and photographs by Ben Hopper.

The drawings on the montage board are a selection from my diaries. I do one every day - at speed, without knowing what it will be when I start. Sometimes they take 10 seconds, sometimes up to half an hour. My aim is to capture something of the experience of that day, of that moment. The figure in them (sometimes just a scribble or a dot) is me. There are around 750 of these drawings behind the journey that formed Vagabond. This is just a very small selection.

The more detailed drawing was an attempt to capture the feeling of falling in love, right at the start. The combination of wonder, beauty and pain. I drew it the morning after meeting someone who I fell in love with pretty immediately. It is the first time I've ever drawn myself female bodied. I don't know what this means.

All the drawings relate to our performance work in that both are attempts to capture something about how existence feels - the visceral experience of it. I'm always seeking images, symbols and metaphors to explore, clarify and express this.

The photographs are a small selection from a shoot we did with Ben Hopper, based on the concepts, design and world of Vagabond Matter. We shot these at dawn, and sunset, the day after the first public sharing of Vagabond Matter. We'd all stayed up late after the sharing, and all only had about an hour’s sleep. We then climbed a mountain pre-dawn, carrying bags of rocks and sand, then repeated it all at sunset. Ben commented that there was something quite Sisyphean about the whole thing.

Jackson M Phoenix Barnard