Exhibition: Ami Spangler


    Recalibration is a collection of work from American artist, Ami Spangler. The large paintings (acrylic on stretched canvas) were created in the 1970s when Ami was living as a young painter in New York.

    A classically trained artist with a degree in Fine Arts, Ami was heavily influenced by iconic painters including Chagall, Matisse, Raphael and Michelangelo as well as by the women artists of the 20th century, Tibetan ritual art, and Navajo sand paintings. She painted mostly at night and drew inspiration from New York’s flourishing jazz scene, thriving on the intensity of her painting, the jazz musicians and the music. Both the lyrical nature of jazz and its wild rebellious improvisations fuelled her development as an artist.

    The exhibition features a large selection of her acrylic Formative Collection and some newer watercolour works and has been curated by Ami’s London-based sons, Ray & Austin Spangler.

    This exhibition is FREE to view.

    Works are for sale and prints of displayed works are also available to purchase. Please contact for more information and prices.



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