Creative Schools and Colleges


Led by Stratford Circus on behalf of the East London Cultural Education Alliance, Creative Schools and Colleges is helping to connect organisations with arts opportunities differently by looking at school and Colleges improvement first.

We do this by resourcing and mobilising our broad network of cultural partners to respond to school needs and deliver projects or interventions that can make a difference.

How we do it

Creative schools and Colleges aims to understand the challenges, gaps and needs of schools first and foremost. We visit organisation to better understand their individual needs, improvement plan, ambitions, and hopes for the future.

We then draw on the power of our network of cultural partners across east London and beyond to deliver a bespoke projects or interventions that respond to the individual needs of the organisation. By bringing together diverse elements of the cultural sector - museums, galleries, film, libraries, heritage, dance, poetry, digital arts, drama, visual art and music - we respond to school and colleges needs, improve pupil outcomes and feed young imaginations.
We also support teachers to develop the knowledge, confidence and ambition to foster a culture of creativity through a combination of useful online resources, termly CPD events and an Annual Symposium.

Creative Schools + Colleges Symposium 2020| Takeaways

A snapshot of the incredible discussions, sharing and learning from our online Symposium Nov 2020

Our Reach and Impact

  • 5000+ children and young people have taken part in Creative Schools and Colleges so far
  • 4800 of those children participated in a creative project at school/college
  • 178 cultural organisations have taken part so far
  • More schools and colleges have their improvement needs met through a creative and collaborative approach
  • Increased commitment and practice around delivering high quality cultural education
  • More cultural education investment available for the benefit of children and young people

For more information visit the Creative Schools website.